Good first credit card? 26 years old with a $47,000 salary.
Hi guys, I’m 26, and I think it’s about time I get a credit card. Right now, I make $23.50/hr, and I work a full 40 hours a week.
Good first credit card? 26 years old with a $47,000 salary.

My issue is that I get paid weekly, something my employer insists on. Personally, I don’t like getting smaller checks every week, I have bills and sometimes they all hit during the same week. This causes me to be very low on cash for that week, with absolutely no bills coming out of my following weeks check.

I get about $700-750 a week. I just paid my car payment, car insurance, Comcast bill, and got an oil change. I got paid yesterday and I’m already hurting for cash for the rest of the week. I would like a credit card to fill this void.

I don’t want something with a crazy high limit, just something to help me get through the week then I’ll paid it off when I get paid. I would use it for food, gas, and maybe cat food/litter. That’s it.

Right now I have a credit card that is only linked to Best Buy, I can’t use it anywhere else. So it’s not a real credit card. Outside of that, I just have my debit card. I have one personal loan open for a little over 1k, I’m about 3.5 years into that 5 year payoff.

Again, I have the money for all this stuff, it just comes out of my bank account at the same time. I did rearrange some payment due dates to help me out, but having a credit card for some mental insurance would go a long ways.

So yeah, can anyone recommend a credit card for a younger guy like me? I currently bank through Bank of America. I would prefer to get a card with them rather than applying at a whole new bank.

But I’m also not sure how any of this works. Any help or recommendations is appreciated!

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