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8 Most Important Questions About Delta Variant!

8 Most Important Questions About Delta Variant!

Stating that the delta variant is more contagious than the previous version and has acquired an infectious character like chickenpox, Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Osman Elbek gave detailed information on this subject.


The number of people caught in

disease all over the world has exceeded 203 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 4 million. While cases are rising again, multiple countries have started to take measures against the Delta variant. Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. We asked Osman Elbek all the questions about the Delta variant and vaccines.

1 – What is the Most Important Difference of Delta Variant from Other Variants?

The most important and biggest difference of Delta from the original virus is its increased capacity to bind to human cells. With this change, the delta variant has become more contagious than the others and has become a virus as contagious as chickenpox.


2 – Has There been a Variation in the Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease?

Of course… The first symptoms of people who get sick with the delta variant are runny nose, headache, and throat rather than cough and loss of smell.

3- Did it work in the Delta Variant in Coronavirus?

It worked pretty well. If you remember, a healthcare worker died every day before the vaccine. After the vaccine, these deaths were almost over. Unfortunately, most of the people who still die are people who have never been vaccinated or have not completed their vaccinations. The more we increase vaccination, the lower the vital losses caused by the Delta variant.

4 – Do Vaccines Protect Against All Variants?

Yes, all vaccines are fully protected against all variants. Fortunately, there is currently no variant in which the vaccine is ineffective.


5 – Does Use a Medical Mask Protect From Coronavirus?

There may not be people who have to work indoors. If these people have the opportunity, they should use a special mask that filters most of the virus in the air instead of the standard surgical mask.

6 – Is There a Change in the Rules of Protection from Variants?

Of course… “Ventilation” has been added to the “Mask, Physical Distance, Hygiene” trio. Effectively ventilating closed areas, especially naturally, has become one of the basic components of protection.

7 – Is a single dose of vaccine enough?

All of the vaccines used in the world provide effective protection with two doses. The only exception is if you have had a previous illness. Those who have had the disease before can be protected with a single dose of mRNA vaccine.


8 – What Should a Safe Education Environment Be Like?

First of all, we must suppress the epidemic that is still increasing around the world. If we, as a country, enter September, when schools will open, with a daily number of patients exceeding twenty thousand, we will not be able to keep schools open. In addition, in this period, we have to rapidly vaccinate teachers and reduce the student population per teacher by both building new classes and hiring new teachers. Finally, we must enable the ventilation of the classrooms.

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