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  3. A Crucial Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Has Occurred!
A Crucial Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Has Occurred!

A Crucial Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Has Occurred!

Physicists in the United States announced that they had made a historic breakthrough, revealing nuclear fusion energy. Here are the details of the study...


 A group of scientists in the United States conducted a historic nuclear fusion experiment. The research team used lasers the size of three football fields in the experiment. While the team states that they have produced a large amount of energy from fusion, this holds promise for the development of a new clean energy source. Because utilizing the fusion powering the Sun can provide an unlimited, clean source of energy.

 Is Nuclear Fusion the Energy of the Future?

 The team did the work at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Physicists focused huge arrays of 192 laser beams into a tiny dot to create a mega burst of energy. That’s what compresses the fuel up to 100 times the density of lead. It also heats up to 100 million degrees Celsius (even hotter than the center of the Sun).


 These conditions helped initiate thermonuclear fusion. Although the energy is very short (only 100 trillionths of a second), the scientists announced that they have achieved an efficiency of more than 1.35 megajoules (MJ). This amount was about 70 percent of the laser energy delivered to the fuel capsule.

 Scientists consider nuclear fusion a potential energy of the future, as it produces less waste and does not produce greenhouse gases. Fission, which is currently used in nuclear power plants, is the splitting of an atomic nucleus with a very large mass number into two nuclei with a lower mass number. However, in the fusion process, two light atomic nuclei combine to form a heavy element.

 In this experiment, the scientists used two hydrogen isotopes that produce helium. The team produced more energy than any previous inertial confinement fusion experiment. The work also proves that ignition is possible, paving the way for more energy-producing reactions.

About their experiment on August 8, 2021, Kim Budil, director of the lab, said, “This result is a historic breakthrough for inertial confinement fusion research.” Said. By comparison, this latest experiment is eight times the lab’s record earlier this year and 25 times the yield from experiments in 2018.




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