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Apple Abandoned Million Dollar Litigation! So why?

Apple Abandoned Million Dollar Litigation! So why?

Unable to get the desired result in a lawsuit filed in 2019, Apple took a step back. The company gave up millions of dollars. Apple, which is quite conservative and closed about the ecosystem, is suing anyone who breaks its rules. Finally, the company, which is in a lawsuit with Epic Games, often has problems due to this attitude.


The company, which usually does not take a step back, manages to remain closed to the outside at the end of the day. However, the latest decision from the US technology giant surprised everyone.

Apple Cases

Known for being quite stubborn, Apple sued a company that sold a virtualized version of iOS in 2019 for millions of dollars. However, the court process did not go as the US technology giant wanted. Adopting the promise of profit, wherever we turn from loss, the company dropped the lawsuit against Corellium this week.

Apple Withdrawn the Case!

In 2019, Apple sued Corellium, claiming it infringed on iOS and iPhone copyrights. The case, which has been contentious since then, entered its final phase some time ago. Announcing its preliminary ruling, the court did not accept the alleged copyright infringement and decided that the company was operating under fair rules.


The decision, which was quite shocking for Apple, caused Correlium to be acquitted. The company, which built its defense on a similar argument, claimed that, contrary to its work, it was beneficial for the US technology giant. Explaining that the virtual operating system is used for security research, Corellium added that they returned to the company to fix the vulnerabilities found by Apple.

The Washington Post reported, citing court documents, that the two companies colluded to end the lawsuit. Despite Apple's complaints about Corellium, the agreement does not include suspending the sale and distribution of tools used by security researchers. Realizing that he could not get what he wanted from the court, Apple quietly admitted defeat. While the details of the agreement remain unclear for now, an explanation is expected from the companies.

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