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  3. Apple Made a Date for Its New Processor! It's going to be a mess!
Apple Made a Date for Its New Processor! It's going to be a mess!

Apple Made a Date for Its New Processor! It's going to be a mess!

The latest Apple Silicon processors use 5nm manufacturing technology. According to the claim of a reliable source, Apple will make a big transition in 2022 and start producing 3nm processors. Although we have not yet met the Apple products of 2021, the products we will meet at the end of 2022 will be a new processor move.


Apple Will Start Mass Production for the 3nm Processor in 2022!

According to DigiTimes, which was previously known for its leaks about Apple, TSMC has received an order for Apple's 3nm processor production. The same source had another impact yesterday, saying that the next-generation MacBook Pros have entered production. Apple uses 5nm manufacturing technology in its processors such as the M1 and A14. Analysts do not expect a decrease in nanometric value for the A15, the processor of the iPhones to be released this year, while they expect 4nm production technology for the M1X processor, which will take place in Macs.

The decrease in the nanometric value of the processor is the decrease in the distance between the transistors. When this value decreases, producers can go to two options; They either offer the same performance as last year's processors at lower power consumption, or they offer a higher performance processor at the same power consumption. Since there is a direct ratio between power consumption and nanometric value, manufacturers can provide lower power consumption and both reduce heating and increase battery life.


For Apple Silicon processors, we had expectations of a decrease in nanometric value with each new generation. Because while Apple aims at the highest performance in the processors it produces, it tries to do this with low heat and stable use.

Especially in devices with passive cooling, the low nanometric value is important because it reduces power consumption. It seems that Apple is not planning 4nm production for the upcoming A15 processor, but the A16 processor will have gone through the 3nm fabrication process.

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