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  3. Apple's Little-Known, Short-Term Social Media Adventure: Ping
Apple's Little-Known, Short-Term Social Media Adventure: Ping

Apple's Little-Known, Short-Term Social Media Adventure: Ping

11 years ago, Apple signed an experiment that we can describe as 'a complete disappointment'.


Here is iTunes Ping...

 When Apple introduces a new product today, the vast majority believe it will be successful.  However, the company signed an experiment 11 years ago, which we can describe as a 'complete disappointment'.  Announced as iTunes Ping, the social network was the company's first service developed in this area.

 In those years when Facebook was in its golden age and Twitter was becoming more and more widespread, iTunes Ping was the new apple of Apple's eye.  Unfortunately, this journey was short lived.  In this article, we have explained in detail how was born and why it went down.  If you're ready, let's start…

 Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, appeared in front of his fans with a big surprise on September 1, 2010.  Ping, a music-based social media network built in iTunes;  It attracted great attention with its modern and dynamic look.  On the other hand, the Web 2.0 project, which the company set out with big dreams, was quite similar to the Facebook design of the period, according to some users, in terms of its interface.

 Essentially, Steve Jobs's opinion on this issue was the same as users who likened the platform to Facebook.  Because Jobs defined the Ping service as “a social network where Facebook and Twitter meet with iTunes”.

 Facebook users were not familiar with Ping.  Twitter users in a similar way;  he saw that they had the option to call and follow his friends and famous names on this platform as well.  Moreover, there were options such as text, video and song sharing in their profiles.


 Highlights of iTunes Ping

 Of course, there were also various features that set the iTunes Ping platform apart from its competitors.  One of them was the Upcoming Concerts section on the artist page.  From this section, users could follow the upcoming events of the musicians they follow.

 The biggest plus that Ping offered to its users was undoubtedly the table feature that showed which songs and albums the people they followed downloaded the most.  Although this function allowed people on the platform to get to know each other better, of course, it was not enough to boost Ping.

 Inevitable ending: Why did iTunes Ping go down?

 The Ping platform, which came to life with the iTunes 10.0 update, was born with more than 160 million users behind it.  But for many people who don't use Apple products, downloading iTunes and signing up for this social network was extremely difficult.  Instead, sites such as Facebook and Twitter allowed a more practical use.

 On the other hand, Ping did not promise an unusual option for current iTunes users at the time.  Although it was attractive at first for music lovers to share their experiences with their friends, over time it became clear that this was not sustainable.

 Ping said goodbye to its users 2 years after its debut

 After a while, Apple stopped making more efforts for iTunes Ping.  The platform was unplugged two years later, on September 30, 2012.

 Tim Cook, who is sitting in the CEO seat of Apple today, also expressed his views on the closure of Ping in those years.  Experienced administrator, that this is a mistake;  admitted that they spent more energy than they should have.

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