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  3. ASUS Lot Announces Frontier AI Facial Recognition Developer Kit!
ASUS Lot Announces Frontier AI Facial Recognition Developer Kit!

ASUS Lot Announces Frontier AI Facial Recognition Developer Kit!

ASUS IoT announced its collaboration with CyberLink. ASUS and CyberLink FaceMe integrate the artificial intelligence-based facial recognition engine into the ASUS IoT Tinker Board 2 single-board computer (SBC), launching the ASUS IoT edge computing artificial intelligence-supported facial recognition developer kit.


The product of close collaboration between ASUS IoT and the CyberLink FaceMe team, this joint solution; It features fully integrated facial recognition ready for use in security, access control, guest management and retail, utilities, hospitality, contactless experiences and more.

ASUS IoT Tinker Board 2, an Arm®-based single-board computer, runs on Android 10 operating system. This computer is powered by 6-core Rockchip RK3399 SoC with new 64-bit Armv8 architecture and multi-core Mali-T860 GPU. Offering extraordinary performance, Tinker Board 2 with rich wired and wireless connection options and support for two 4K displays; It is becoming a ready-to-use solution for digital signage, information displays, points of sale and access control systems in the retail, utilities, hospitality and healthcare industries.

“Border AI is an important part of future technologies in AIOT applications in various markets.”

Kuowei Chao, General Manager of ASUS IoT Business Unit, said:

“As ASUS IoT, we are excited to offer integrated solutions in Tinker Board 2, our most powerful single-board computer, in cooperation with CyberLink, one of the world's leading artificial intelligence-supported facial recognition technology companies. Offering much improved performance over competing products, this model is ideal for the retail, health and safety industries.”

Real-time facial recognition and inference performance optimized for IoT devices

CyberLink FaceMe AI facial recognition engine ranked in the top 10 in the world-renowned NIST FRVT (National Institute of Standards and Technologies' Face Recognition Brand Test). The solution achieved successful results in both the 1:1 and 1:N tests. FaceMe offers a flexible solution to bring facial recognition to various IoT and AIOT devices with its new edge computing AI powered facial recognition developer kit.


“One of the world's most popular technologies, face-to-face, powers the growing number of IoT solutions in the growing market.”

Says CyberLink CEO Dr. Jau Huang continued his words as follows;

“With ASUS, the leader in IoT, we are proud to develop solutions for FaceMe, one of the world's most sensitive and flexible facial recognition software development kits.”

Optimized for Arm-based SoCs and Android, FaceMe is capable of real-time face detection and inference. FaceMe and Tinker Board 2 are included in the edge computing artificial intelligence-based facial recognition developer kit. This kit can be installed as a digital signage solution for real-time face recognition. The kit, which can precisely detect features such as age, gender and emotion, can be used to provide visitor traffic data to be used as statistics or to provide real-time personal advertisements. Alternatively, by placing this kit on the screens used to log in at hotels, it is possible to instantly recognize registered loyalty program members and provide them with extremely fast, personalized and contactless service.

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