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  3. Bitcoin Rises Above $45K For The First Time Since May!
Bitcoin Rises Above $45K For The First Time Since May!

Bitcoin Rises Above $45K For The First Time Since May!

Bitcoin, the leading name of the crypto money market, managed to rise above $ 45 thousand for the first time since May. With the appreciation of the cryptocurrency, the market also blossomed.


The crypto money market, which has delighted its investors since January, has been fluctuating with the rapid and painful collapse of Bitcoin for about two months. But for the past two weeks, Bitcoin has started to move upwards again. Bitcoin, which went down to 28 thousand dollars, also passed a critical threshold today.

Bitcoin, which was last seen at the level of 45 thousand dollars on May 18, has reached the level of 45 thousand dollars again after almost 3 months. With the passing of this threshold, the smiling face of crypto money investors began to laugh for a few days. The activity in the stock market became the agenda of social media.


BTC Over 45 Thousand!

Bitcoin has recently fallen to the level of 28 thousand dollars after the sharp declines it experienced for a few days in May. With the rise of the leading cryptocurrency, other altcoins in the crypto money market also started to bloom. The total market cap of the cryptocurrency market has exceeded 1.6 trillion. At the peak of Bitcoin, this value even saw more than $ 2.5 trillion.

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