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Bloomberg Fortune: A Guide to Credit Cards

Bloomberg Fortune: A Guide to Credit Cards

My credit card payments are starting to scare me. At the end of the savings I could make by reducing my spending for months, I see red in the same way. The mobile bank app categorizes my card spending and there are two elements: travel and sightseeing (52% increase) and food and beverage (37% increase).


The US debt situation has increased dramatically recently. It grew to $9.2 billion, which includes credit cards. Mastercard says usage has increased by around 36% in the US. Overseas spending increased 47% in Visa's fiscal third quarter. Standards for cards are being relaxed. After this long period of uncertainty, credit card companies are waging a battle to acquire new customers and are offering some high-flying perks.

Aside from some expectations, it was seeing strong retention levels when the firm made some adjustments to benefits to cater to those who are home-bound during the pandemic. But the economic agenda is slowly reopening.


The previous month, while Citigroup used the premium Prestige card, AmEx introduced a revamped special card with some benefits to private jet charter deals. (AmEx also averaged an annual price of $700. Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of America advertised newly launched cards in this category this summer. This is a reversal of a long-standing trend to offer travel benefits and points. Considering that, most customers only want cash as a reward, and banks are responding to this.


But some are betting that travel will return: Bank of America has introduced a new card that will offer statement credits for benefits like airport security clearance and enhanced insurance for lost or delayed baggage for business people on the go.

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