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  3. Boeing Had To Postpone A Very Important Test Flight To A Future Time!
Boeing Had To Postpone A Very Important Test Flight To A Future Time!

Boeing Had To Postpone A Very Important Test Flight To A Future Time!

Boeing had to postpone an important test flight due to a malfunction. It is stated that this delay could last for months.


Boeing's business with the Starliner mission has come to a dead end. The company has decided to postpone the next Starliner test flight. While it is stated that the delay given is a valve problem in the capsule, it is thought that the delay may take months.

Bringing the Starliner back to the factory to repair the problem in more detail, Boeing had to separate the capsule from the Atlas V rocket. The capsule returned to the factory to fix a problem with the four propulsion valves, thus canceling the second test flight scheduled for 13 August.


Repairs will take place at Kennedy Space Center!

The aerospace company will conduct a comprehensive study of the troublesome area at the Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. At first, the technical team tried to fix the problem by repairing the other nine valves while on the Starliner rocket, but the remaining nine valves could not be repaired.

According to SpaceNews, the next test flight could take place months later. It is stated that Boeing may have to wait for NASA 's Lucy asteroid mission, which is scheduled to launch in October, and SpaceX's Crew-3 mission. The company may even have to wait for Crew-2 to return from the ISS.

According to this, even if Boeing quickly resolves its problem, it may take November for the Starliner to be reattached to the rocket and the test flight to take place. For this reason, it is stated that Boeing, NASA and the Atlas V maker United Launch Alliance should set a new launch date when the Starliner is ready.

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