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Breaking News! Cuomo's Lawyers Attack!

Breaking News! Cuomo's Lawyers Attack!

Numerous women accuse New York Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment. Several party friends are already calling for Democrats to resign. But Cuomo's lawyers are not thinking of giving up, attacking the investigators responsible.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, through his lawyers, accused investigators of bias and procedural errors, under increasing pressure following allegations of sexual misconduct. "No open-minded fact-finding has been done in this case," Cuomo's lawyer, Rita Glavin, said on Friday. "This research was done in a way that supports a predetermined point of view." It wasn't about seeking the truth - "the investigators were prosecutors and judges and jurors".

An investigation released Tuesday by Attorney General Letitia James found that Cuomo sexually harassed former and current employees of government officials. There were unwanted touches, kisses, hugs, and inappropriate comments, among other things. In addition, the governor, who has been in office since 2011, has created a "hostile work environment" and a "climate of fear" for women.

Cuomo and other parties involved did not receive any advance notice of the investigation report's readiness, when it would be released, and what it said, and therefore had no opportunity to react or justify it, Glavin complained. "The governor deserves fair treatment and that was not the case here. The governor was ambushed." In addition, attorney Paul Fishman said the people accused in the investigation report still do not have transcripts of the evidence. "It is a problem."


Numerous prominent Republican and Democratic politicians, including USA President Joe Biden, have called for Cuomo's resignation following the release of the investigation report. New York House Speaker Carl Heastie has announced that he will file an impeachment lawsuit against Cuomo. In addition, the governor threatens with criminal consequences from several district attorneys in New York state. One of the women involved also filed a criminal complaint. The sheriff in New York state's capital Albany now controls this ad, multiple US media reported on Friday, citing the woman's authority and her lawyers.

Cuomo denied the allegations and initially made no mention of a resignation after the report was released via video message on Tuesday. Lawyer Glavin said the governor would like to comment on the report "soon".

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