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  3. Breaking News! Exciting Statement from Rockstar Games' Company!
Breaking News! Exciting Statement from Rockstar Games' Company!

Breaking News! Exciting Statement from Rockstar Games' Company!

Take-Two, which includes giant game studios such as Rockstar Games, made an exciting statement for its three old games.


Take-Two, the giant game studio to which Rockstar Games is affiliated, gave the good news to its fans waiting for a new game. Game studios sometimes re-blend their favorite games and release new games such as "remastered" or "remake" depending on the type of production. Take-Two will also follow this path and will introduce three new remastered or remake games. Although two of them are already obvious, what the third one is makes us wonder.

Take-Two will wink at three of its old games!

With the arrival of the new generation consoles, GTA 5, which was engraved and still played, had to be renewed. Although the version of the game in previous generations is currently sold, we will see the remastered version of the game at the end of the year. However, since GTA Online and GTA 5 will be developed as two separate games, two of Take-Two's three remastered game plans cover the GTA series.


There are a few claims for the third remake. What excites us the most is the remake of the first game of the Red Dead Redemption series. While the second game of the series broke sales records and settled in the hearts of the players, re-blending the adventure in the first game would be a move that the players wanted.

However, it was on the agenda from time to time that one of the GTA 3 or GTA: San Andreas games would be remade. Take-Two made a huge impact with the release of Mafia: Definitive Edition last year. Most likely, the renewal of a game from the GTA or RDR series will shake the game market.

Which of the old Take-Two games do you think should come out again? You can start a discussion in the comments.

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