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  3. Breaking News! The USA Introduces New Sanctions to Nicaragua!
Breaking News! The USA Introduces New Sanctions to Nicaragua!

Breaking News! The USA Introduces New Sanctions to Nicaragua!

Given the ongoing arrests of opposition activists in Nicaragua, the US government has decided to take further punitive measures. Visa restrictions apply to 50 people. According to the US Department of State in Washington, 50 family members of the National Assembly and judicial system in Nicaragua are subject to visa issuance restrictions.


 It is a matter of taking broad frontal action against those responsible for and profiting from the regime's attacks on democracy. By mid-July, the USA government had already taken punitive measures against a hundred members of the Nicaraguan parliament and judiciary and revoked US visas for those affected.


The US State Department complained that in the past tw months the regime of President Daniel Ortega has arrested several dozen political opponents and pro-democracy actors, including seven presidential candidates. Vice-presidential candidate Berenice Quezada was also placed under house arrest this week. According to state media, she is accused of supporting terrorist acts. The 27-year-old is reported to have welcomed demonstrations against the government in 2018.

Quezada, who won the Miss Nicaragua beauty pageant in 2017, signed up as Alianza CxL's vice presidential nominee only on Monday. As the presidential candidate of the right-wing alliance, Oscar Sobalvarro is on his side, fighting as Counter-Commander "Ruben" in the 1980s against the left Sandinista of President Daniel Ortega, who has been in power since 2007.

The electoral commission in Nicaragua has now excluded the largest opposition party from the presidential election. The conservative party has revoked the legal status of Citizens for Freedom (CxL), said Luis Luna, secretary of the election agency, on Friday. The commission juctice its decision by stating that CxL's president and legal representative, Carmella Rogers Amburn, was a US citizen in addition to her Nicaraguan citizenship. This is a violation of the right to vote. With the decision, the opposition's chance to vote is significantly reduced.

Representatives of the Opposition Arrested!

There has been a recent wave of arrests of opposition activists in the Central American country. The opposition accuses Ortega's authoritarian government of wanting to get rid of potential rivals and critics before the November presidential election. The parliament, dominated by the ruling FSLN party, also passed a law making it easier to remove candidates from the election.


A former revolutionary, Ortega ruled Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990. In 2014, his party passed a constitutional reform that removed the previous limit on the president's tenure. The presidential election is scheduled for 7 November. The 75-year-old official wants to run for reelection. The ruling party Sandinista Liberation Front FSLN announced a few days ago. Ortega's wife, Rosario Murillo, is reapplying for the vice presidency.

As of April 2018, hundreds of thousands of people initially protested a social reform, and then, among other things, a new election was called. Protests ceased, more than 300 dead, and hundreds arrested. More than 100,000 Nicaraguans fled abroad. The government describes the demonstrations as a coup attempt.

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