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  3. British Researcher Found A New Double Vaccination Method With 50-60% Covid Risk!
British Researcher Found A New Double Vaccination Method With 50-60% Covid Risk!

British Researcher Found A New Double Vaccination Method With 50-60% Covid Risk!

Unvaccinated people are three times more likely to become infected with corona than those who receive full protection. This is the finding of a British study. Researchers also found evidence that vaccinated infected people are less likely to infect others. According to a recent British study, unvaccinated people are three times more likely to get corona than those who are fully vaccinated.


In the study by researchers at Imperial College London, 1.2 percent of 100,000 subjects in England tested positive for the virus, while only 0.4 percent of those fully vaccinated tested positive for the virus. Study leader Paul Elliot said in a press release. "These results confirm our previous data and show that full vaccination provides good protection against becoming infected," he said. However, there is still a certain risk for those who are vaccinated, as no vaccine is 100% effective.

The risk is reduced by up to 60 percent. The study, conducted at Imperial College, performs regular testing with randomly selected samples, thus providing a realistic picture of the outbreak development in England. In their assessment, the researchers also found signs that infected people who were vaccinated were less likely to infect other people, as their viral load may have been lower. 100 percent of the samples analyzed in the study were cases of the delta variant, which is now common in Great Britain.


After factoring in factors such as age, gender, and other demographics in the study, the researchers concluded that the vaccinated people in the sample had a 50 to 60 percent lower risk of becoming infected compared to the unvaccinated.

Efficacy decreases against DeltaOther researchers have previously studied the vaccine effect for corona disease. For example, a team led by Jamie Lopez Bernal from the UK public health authority discovered that vaccines against the Delta variant were somewhat less effective. The effectiveness of the BioNTech/Pfizer product against Corona disease from Delta was 88 percent. At AstraZeneca, that rate was 67 percent, the team wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

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