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  3. Brought a new security update for Facebook Messenger!
Brought a new security update for Facebook Messenger!

Brought a new security update for Facebook Messenger!

Security measures are increasing for Facebook Messenger. An end-to-end encryption feature for voice and video conversations came to the application.


The Facebook Messenger app gets new capabilities in the field of security. As you know, the company, which continues to work on this issue, attaches great importance to confidentiality. Facebook, which previously brought end-to-end encryption to text messages, will do the same for voice and video calls.

Sharing a blog post on the subject, the company introduced new security measures. With these new additions, we can say that Messenger, which has 150 million video calls per day, is now more secure.

End-to-End Encryption Update for Facebook Messenger!

Facebook Messenger, which provides encryption for both video and audio calls, does not make this feature automatic for everyone. Users who want to take security measures can activate this method through the settings. However, the people that users want to chat with also need to turn on this feature.


In addition, Facebook, which wants to tighten the measures, is also improving the control of disappearing messages. This feature, which keeps what users write in the chat for a certain period, will now be further detailed. People who experience the application will be able to make their messages viewable between 5 seconds and 24 hours. With the expiration of this period, texts will be completely removed from the chat.

Wanting to keep its users away from hackers and criminals, Facebook is one step closer to its dream of creating a safer environment. With the end-to-end encryption method, which has become the standard in the market, it is aimed that no one cares about what you write or speak.

Facebook Company's Next Goal is Encryption for Group Chats!

Talking about its plans, the company will continue to spread the measures. Facebook's next target in this regard is group chats. The company aims to add the end-to-end encryption method to this category as well. Facebook Messenger will also be announcing a new feature called delivery checks soon. With this addition, it is aimed for users to control incoming messages, requests, and lists with more advanced settings.

Facebook Messenger, which will reduce unwanted interaction, will test future features for group chats with the program including limited countries. With the completion of the process, new add-ons will be released to all users as an update.

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