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  3. California Very Dangerous Wildfire! California Gold Rush Town Is On Fire!
California Very Dangerous Wildfire! California Gold Rush Town Is On Fire!

California Very Dangerous Wildfire! California Gold Rush Town Is On Fire!

A windswept wildfire in GREENVILLE, California, burned all over a town in Northern California. It left several parts of the city in ashes as crews prepared for another flame stream at the dangerous fire site.


A gas station, the hotel was among the many buildings burning in the town, many of which date back to California's Gold Rush and are older than a great time.

"We've taken every action possible," Fire Department spokesman Mitch Matlow said.

As the north and east sides of the fire grew, the Plumas County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook, warning the town's average of 800 people: "You are in a very dangerous area and you must leave immediately." He stated.

The average 21-day fire was one of the largest in the state, burning 435 square miles.

In the first days of the week, an average of 5,000 firefighters served on the fire, saving most threatened homes from fires and bulldozing the unburned vegetation. He managed to save part of the environment.

Weather conditions with very high temperatures, low humidity, and afternoon and evening winds on Wednesday can be expected to be a threat until the end of Thursday.

The trees and grass were so dry that "if a fire was worth it, it could almost have been a new fire," Matlow said.

Dawn Garofalo escaped from a friend's house around Greenville ca with a dog and two horses and watched the rising cloud grow over the western part of Lake Almanor.


“There is only one entrance and one exit,” she remarked. "I wouldn't want to be stranded there in case of fire."

From the campsite on the dry lake bed, he watched the fire glow on the horizon before dawn.

About 150 miles (240 kilometers) to the west, the lightning-fast McFarland Fire said distant homes at the Trinity River fire site in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Only 5% was contained after the fire had burned about 25 square miles (65 square kilometers) of drought-affected vegetation.

Fires in the western United States have made it very difficult to fight, due to heatwaves and historic drought due to weather change. Scientists said that due to weather change, the region has created a very hot and dry form in the last 30 years, which will make the weather extreme and forest fires more.

More than 20,000 firefighters and support personnel have been, and will continue to be, tackling 97 major wildfires covering 2,919 square miles in 13 US states, the National Interagency Fire Center said.

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