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Chilling Audio and Video Recordings From Venus During a Mission to the Planet Mercury!

Chilling Audio and Video Recordings From Venus During a Mission to the Planet Mercury!

During two missions jointly conducted by ESA, NASA and JAXA in two different groups, the spacecraft passed very close to Venus. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the vehicles received images and vibration recordings from the planet. The resulting vibrations were translated into sound and broadcast.


Spacecraft in the BepiColombo mission, which was launched to closely examine Mercury, and the Solar Orbiter mission, which was launched to get information about the functioning of the Solar System, did not miss Venus on the way and obtained very interesting data. One of the spacecraft involved in the missions recorded a short video of the planet, while the other recorded the 'voice' of both itself and the planet.

Although the spacecraft were not involved in their mission, they passed quite close to the planet to take advantage of Venus' gravity. Glowing images of Venus were recorded as both vehicles took a glance at the planet and zoomed out. In addition, the vibrations of a vehicle after it entered the magnetic field of Venus were translated into sound. Likewise, the solar wind vibrations to the planet were translated into sound, and all this data was published by the space agencies running the missions.

Sound of Spacecraft Passing by Venus

The BepiColombo mission, launched to collect data on Mercury's magnetic field, surface and atmosphere, is jointly run by JAXA and ESA. The Solar Orbiter mission, which was launched to obtain information about the effect of the Sun in the Solar System, is also jointly run by NASA and ESA. The spacecraft of both missions recently passed by the edge of Venus. This move was made to take advantage of the planet's gravitational pull. However, while passing so closely, it was not neglected to get some information from Venus.

The Sound of the Solar Winds Reaching Venus

The European Space Agency (ESA) translated the vibrations created by the vehicle as it passed near Venus and broadcast it on YouTube. In addition to this chilling sound, the frequency emitted by the solar winds hitting Venus was recorded and translated into sound. Both of these sounds were recorded during the BepiColombo mission with Mercury as its primary focus.

Video of Venus During Transit

The Solar Orbiter vehicle, which passed near Venus almost simultaneously, recorded images showing the fascinating glow of Venus. The short video, recorded at a height of 7,995 kilometers from the surface of the planet, was also shared on ESA's YouTube channel.

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