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Crucial Deadpool 3 Statement from Marvel Company!

Crucial Deadpool 3 Statement from Marvel Company!

While rumors continue about when Deadpool 3 will be included in the main cinema universe, Marvel boss Kevin Feige announced that the work for the production is continuing.


Stating that the shooting of the highly anticipated film will begin shortly, Feige put an end to the rumors. However, he has not yet given a full release date for Deadpool 3.

Marvel, whose hand became stronger with Disney's acquisition of Fox, became the focus of attention of fans even before the movie was released. Marvel has included the X-Men corpus in the past months. Especially while the breath is held for the Deadpool series, the news of the future of the production causes smiling faces.

Kevin Feige, head of the Marvel cinema department, announced that the character of Deadpool will be included in the universe. Stating that the works are continuing at full speed, Feige made the following statement:

“We have an idea for Deadpool 3. Script work continues. And Ryan Reynolds is also in constant communication with the writers, as we've talked about before.”


Deadpool 3 Movie Shooting May Start After 1 Year!

Ryan Reynolds, who gave life to the character of Deadpool, talked about the future of the movie in the past months. The famous actor, who said that the developments are continuing, talked about a small and pleasant possibility. According to Reynolds, the shooting of Deadpool 3 could begin in 2022. According to Reynolds, the rate of occurrence of this event is 70 percent.

Although Reynolds refrains from sharing information about the release date, the fact that it marks the year 2022 makes his followers excited for the movie. However, Kevin Feige was hesitant about it. Still, according to Reynolds' estimation, if the filming begins in 2022, it could be released between 2023 or 2024.

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