They never seem to animate drums correctly
They never seem to animate drums correctly

We’re in a golden age of animation. Even though animation fans would probably like to ascribe that designation to older eras of the medium, modern cartoons’ mixture of technology and fluidity is unparalleled. And that applies to both traditional hand-drawn animation and 3d too. Contemporary animators have mastered the art of conveying realistic motion while also endowing their characters with gorgeous designs. However, there are still a few areas where animation could improve.

The YouTube channel EMCDump has created a pretty hilarious series that highlights how poorly the act of drumming translates to animation. For some reason, animators rarely ever match a character’s movements to the specific sounds the instruments are supposed to produce. Part of me understands that these animators probably do not have the time or budget to recreate a perfect drumming sequence for a scene that will not last twenty seconds, but the frequency with which drums are animated poorly is staggering.

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