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  3. Epic Games CEO's Heavy Blame on Apple: Government's Spyware!
Epic Games CEO's Heavy Blame on Apple: Government's Spyware!

Epic Games CEO's Heavy Blame on Apple: Government's Spyware!

The new security system, which Apple announced recently and will be used to prevent child abuse, has received heavy criticism from the CEO of Epic Games. CEO Tim Sweeney has claimed that Apple's new security app is "a spy system working for governments".


Apple recently announced a new security application that will be talked about a lot. It was announced that in the system, which is based on preventing child abuse cases and reporting abusers directly to the security forces, images containing 'child sexual abuse materials' will be scanned and reported directly to the security forces.

The system will include scanning photos automatically uploaded to iCloud against images containing 'child sexual abuse. The fact that the images will be scanned brought some private discussions with it as soon as the system was announced. In addition, some segments stated that Apple's system could be used to provide data to governments. One of the names involved in the discussions was Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney.


Apple 'Developed Software That Scans Personal Data and Provides Information to Government':

Sweeney's tweets on the subject emphasize that the main purpose of the software is to provide information to governments by scanning personal data. Sweeney said that the developed system is very different from controlling the content published on social media; It says the data in question is personal and confidential and accuses Apple of developing systems that work for governments.

In addition, Sweeney says that Apple forced people's iCloud accounts to send icloud.com emails and included people in an ecosystem that was never deleted. This leads to the situation that all the data of the people are in Apple's long-term access.

'Think of Children, Society is Manipulating'

Sweeney, who says that the system offered by Apple 'to prevent child abuse' is manipulating society, states that if we think about children, we should offer them a free future away from the supervision of governments.


Although not directly to Sweeney, Apple's general answer is that the scanning system of images does not directly mean access to all images and the feature will not be used for a different purpose. However, Apple, which has been appreciated for its privacy steps recently, seems to have a headache due to this new system.

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