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  3. Extraordinary Electric Roadster Model from Audi Automobile Company: Audi Skysphere!
Extraordinary Electric Roadster Model from Audi Automobile Company: Audi Skysphere!

Extraordinary Electric Roadster Model from Audi Automobile Company: Audi Skysphere!

Presenting its brand's perspective on the future by blending it with classic tracks, Audi Skysphere has futuristic features such as increased wheelbase.


Audi has finally unveiled the mysterious project that it has been hinting at for a while. After the smoke screen was opened, the Roadster concept, which was created by feeding from incredibly rich sources, emerged. While the Audi Skysphere represents the brand's perspective on the future of autonomous driving, it also includes details from the 1930s in its design elements, providing a pleasant transition from the past to the future. Skysphere, which is only a concept project for now, emphasizes the futuristic features that cars can have in the future with its actively increasing wheelbase.

What are Audi Skysphere Technical Specifications?

Although Skysphere is a concept project, it is remarkable that Audi shares the dynamics used in the infrastructure, down to numerical data. In this context, the model, which we see rising on a completely electric car architecture, has performance that completes its design such as 632 PS power and 750 Nm torque. Let's not forget that Skysphere, which we saw that can complete its acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds with this engine, is rear-wheel drive. On the battery side, we see a unit with a capacity of 80 kWh. Skysphere, which is a 1,800 kilogram Roadster with all its parts together, can reach a range of up to 500 kilometers on this battery.


The Audi Skysphere has very generous equipment elements with the benefits of being a concept. With this freedom that permeates the cockpit as well as the exterior design of the vehicle, an adaptive living space at the focus of two different driving styles welcomes us. In the autonomous driving mode, along with the experience where the steering wheel is folded and hidden under the console, steering wheel drive is also offered, where the user can take control when desired.

The elements of this new era are digital panels that appear at almost every point. The display panels, which extend to the passenger side as well as the driver's side, are also mirrored around the gear knob. Audi talks about the presence of a screen size that extends to 55 inches in the line-up where the front panel is completely screen.


What is Audi Skysphere's Most Remarkable Feature?

One of the most striking features of Skysphere, as we underlined at the beginning, is the actively adjustable wheelbase. The car comes as standard with an overall length of 4.94 metres. These values, which have been adjusted to make the driving dynamics more effective with the "Sport" mode, become more focused on long-distance comfort with the transition to the "GT" mode. The effect of the increased wheelbase with the GT mode of Skysphere stretches the overall length value up to 5.19 meters.

The structure of opening the doors in the opposite direction of the parallel also comes from the Horch 853 model with the 30s breeze we mentioned at the beginning. There is no doubt that we will see the traces of the Skysphere, which carries messages from the upcoming Audi models, in the future.

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