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  3. Facebook Company Postponed Its Return to Office Date Once Again!
Facebook Company Postponed Its Return to Office Date Once Again!

Facebook Company Postponed Its Return to Office Date Once Again!

Facebook has once again postponed its return to office date. The social media giant is worried about the increasing number of cases and the delta variant.


Increasing Covid-19 cases and the delta variant continue to disrupt companies' plans to return to office. While many companies that were considering returning to the office after the summer season canceled their plans, a new news came from the social media giant Facebook.

Return to Facebook Company Postponed to January 2022!

According to the news, the arrival date of Facebook employees to the office has been postponed. Accordingly, the company has withdrawn its plans to return to the new year in September and announced that it will return to its USA offices in January 2022. The company stated that it took this step because of the delta variant and concerns about Arkan cases.

In a statement on the subject, the company said:

“It's the data, not the dates, that determines our approach to going back to the office. Given the latest health data showing increased Covid cases over the Delta variant, our teams in the US won't need to be back in office until January 2022. Additionally, we expect this to apply to some countries outside of the US. We continue to monitor the situation and work with experts to ensure that our return-to-office plans put everyone's safety first.”


It is stated that Facebook, which draws attention to protecting the health of its employees, is also rapidly continuing its research for the remote working model. Many companies, such as the social media giant, are worried about the increasing cases and the delta variant.

Although vaccination is progressing rapidly and many people complete their two-dose vaccinations, increasing case rates are still not fully reassuring. It remains a matter of curiosity how the return to office date, which is constantly postponed by companies, will be shaped by the beginning of 2022.

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