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Facebook Copied Instagram's Favorite Feature!

Facebook Copied Instagram's Favorite Feature!

Taking the step of Instagram Reels as a rival to TikTok, Facebook made another move. Reels videos will be directly in the main application.


 The competition between 'short-form' video platforms is gaining a new dimension every day.  Social media giant Facebook launched the Instagram Reels feature last August against its rival TikTok.  The company has taken another step to expand the scope of this feature.  It has integrated Reels with its main mobile app.

 Facebook Reels, which started trials in India in March, is also open to users in the USA as of today.  The new feature, which is still in the testing process, will also allow users to cross-connect.  A short video shared on Instagram can be transferred directly to the Facebook account.


 Facebook Reels integrated into homepage

 Developed as an alternative to TikTok, Facebook Reels will appear in the News Feed section of the mobile application.  Just like on Instagram, users will find short-form videos shared by their friends on the homepage.  The new feature will also work in groups.  Thus, those who spend time together on Facebook will be able to watch Reels videos together.

 A “Create” button has been placed in the Reels section in the News Feed and directly at the top of the homepage.  Here, users will have access to tools such as capturing videos, adding music, importing images from the gallery and creating text.  You can add sounds from the library prepared by Facebook, or you can record them directly using your smartphone's microphone.

 Facebook has been testing the Reels feature with select internet influencers in India from March.  Currently, only certain people can post Reels videos in the app, while also exporting posts from Instagram to Facebook.  It remains unclear when it will open to other countries.


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