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  3. Facebook Shares Its New App: What is Horizon Workrooms?
Facebook Shares Its New App: What is Horizon Workrooms?

Facebook Shares Its New App: What is Horizon Workrooms?

Social media company Facebook introduced Horizon Workrooms, an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset application that will allow users to work together in a virtual office.


What is Horizon Workrooms and what does it do? In a statement on Facebook Oculus blog, it was stated that thanks to the Mac and  Windows desktop application, users can move their real desks and work computers to the virtual environment, take notes during meetings, move their files to virtual reality and share screens.

According to the statement, the application aims to make virtual meetings closer to reality with advanced avatars and spatial audio technology that adjusts the voice of other users according to their place in the virtual room.


The Horizon Workrooms application also allows users without a virtual reality headset to join the virtual meeting via video conference.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, told CBS channel that Horizon Workrooms app gives users the "feeling of being together as if they are in the same room."

Zuckerberg stated that the application is part of the "next generation internet" called "Metaverse", which he wanted to create since middle school years, where people can feel like they are together while playing games or doing research.

Zuckerberg defined the “Metaverse” as “an internet that we can be a part of, enter into, not look at from our mobile phones or screens”.

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