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Former Employee Accuses NASA of Irresponsibility!

Former Employee Accuses NASA of Irresponsibility!

James Oberg, a former NASA employee, accused the agency of failing to maintain security following the recent NASA Nauka module incident.


A former employee of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) lashed out at the agency. Last week, disaster nearly struck when the International Space Station (ISS) momentarily spiraled out of control. The ex-employee brought widespread accusations to the agency for not taking the safety of his astronauts more seriously.

What Happened Last Week on the ISS?

Why does ex-employee blame NASA teams? The module called Nauka, which Russia wanted to place on the International Space Station, led to terrible moments. A few hours after the docking process of the laboratory module that Roscosmos sent to the ISS, its engines were accidentally fired. Then the ISS deviated from its 45 degree position and lost communication for a few minutes.

NASA ground control teams in Houston responded quickly after the incident. Ultimately, it returned to its ISS location. But James Oberg, a former engineer who worked at NASA's Mission Control Center, published an article in IEEE Spectrum suggesting that NASA's safety culture is eroding.

“The security of the system is assumed rather than verified,” Oberg wrote in his article. As a result, NASA administrators are driven to make incomplete clues or make disastrous careless choices.” said. The engineer claimed that Russia's Nauka module incident was a powerful example of a "comfort mentality" at NASA that would eventually lead to disaster.

Calls for Independent Investigation for NASA!

“Over the past decades, the team has experienced the same slow cultural decay several times with dire consequences. In the year leading up to the 1986 Challenger disaster, crew members (and I was inside Mission Control operations at the time) began voicing their concern over increased carelessness and even the occasional "stupid mistakes." said.

The 22-year NASA veteran and space journalist called for a thorough investigation of the agency's safety standards. “As political pressures seem to be driving much of the problem, only an independent investigation with significant political weight can reverse any erosion in the security culture,” Oberg said. wrote as.

He also added that he would call on US President Joe Biden and NASA administrator Bill Nelson to form an independent commission to investigate. It's pretty hard not to agree with Oberg. After all, the last event on the ISS could have been much worse. Who knows how bad the next event might be.

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