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  3. Google translate translation or Yandex translate translation? Which is the best Turkish-English translation?
Google translate translation or Yandex translate translation? Which is the best Turkish-English translation?

Google translate translation or Yandex translate translation? Which is the best Turkish-English translation?

We compared the two most used applications for translation by users. Is Google translate good or Yandex translation good? You can take a look at the details of the news in which we analyzed two translation applications with all the details.


The translate applications that Google and Yandex companies have released a long time ago are still continuing to develop and be updated. Users can understand sentences or conversations by translating languages ​​they do not know through these applications. There are big differences between the two applications that support both written and oral translation. Last year, Google took a big step in the translation business. Instead of translating the words in the sentences one by one, it has now brought a major update in the form of dialing and dialing. Thus, the sentences became more meaningful and understandable.

Users are constantly going back and forth between these two applications that are on the agenda. He wonders which app and translation system is better. In this article, we will tell you the question of  Google translation or Yandex translation with details.

Yandex was launched in 2011 as a competitor to Google translate

The Google Translate application was launched in 2006 with the support of artificial intelligence. The application, which has the ability to translate 100 languages, provides great benefits to users. 5 years later, in 2011, a Russia-based Yandex Translation application is launched as a competitor. Experts have found the difference between these two apps and have decided which one is the best.

According to scientific research, Yandex translate application is better than Google translate


According to the research, which included 50 students from METU, the phrases, idioms, verbs and ambiguities included in the translated sentences were examined. As a result of all these factors, Yandex translation application fell short on uncertainty only. Except for these elements, it gave all the features better than Google.

Russian and English translations are better in Yandex translation app


In addition to researchers, users are also investigating which of the two applications is the most successful. On a website called Quora, users have compared these two translation systems. According to the data here, English-Russian translations on Yandex are more stable. The person who transferred this data is a person who has been translating English-Russian for more than 10 years.

Although Google translate provides a quality service as machine translation, it is not considered very successful in language-specific phrases such as Yandex translation. Again, in his statement, the translator said that both machine translations often translate sentences incorrectly and we are constantly working on it to fix it. The reason why the English-Russian translation is better done by Yandex is because the translation application is of Russian origin.

In conclusion

If we look at it, Yandex translation application does better translations between Turkish-English and Russian-English. However, it is obvious that Google translate will have difficulties with its competitors with its 100 language translation capacity.

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