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GTA 5's Popular Map Has Been Printed In 3D With 3D Printer!

GTA 5's Popular Map Has Been Printed In 3D With 3D Printer!

A designer managed to print the map of GTA 5 with a 3D printer. The designer, who spent around 400 hours for the whole project, is a place to say that GTA 5 fans made their mouths water.


A designer named Dom Riccobene printed the map of GTA 5, one of the most popular games in the world, using a 3D printer. The map printed by the designer, who carried out a very detailed study, was the product of hundreds of hours of work. Some of Riccobene's followers lined up to buy the 3D map print of GTA 5.

Making explanations about the 3D map design, Riccobene explained that the entire map is not preloaded in GTA 5 and that the map is created according to the location of the player. Mentioning that this means extra effort and time, the designer states that he spent more than 100 hours to create a three-dimensional version of the map. Moreover, this phase was the shortest part of the project.


The Print Time Of The Map On The 3D Printer Lasted More Than 200 Hours!

Scanning the entire map wasn't the only challenge the designer faced in rendering the GTA 5 map in 3D. Dom Riccobene, who scaled the map according to the dimensions of the 3D printer he owned, then started to print the parts. Saying that he waited from a few hours to 12 hours per piece, exceeding 200 hours in total, the designer finally brought all the pieces together. The result was fascinating for GTA 5 fans.

Dom Riccobene, who has worked on hundreds of designs to date, states that the GTA 5 map is his most popular project. However, stating that he will not be limited to this, the designer has now started working on creating the map of Red Dead Redemption 2. Riccobenne thinks he will spend at least 200 hours on the Red Dead Redemption 2 project.

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