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  3. Important Statement from Apple Company: iPhone 13 Will Make a Show About Camera!
Important Statement from Apple Company: iPhone 13 Will Make a Show About Camera!

Important Statement from Apple Company: iPhone 13 Will Make a Show About Camera!

Apple, which raises the bar every time with the iPhone models it offers to users, does not look for professional machines in its high-end camera devices. Now, the technology giant is before us with the camera experience it will offer with the iPhone 13.


With the simplicity of the interface, smooth performance and other acclaimed features offered on iPhone models, Apple has created a huge fan base over the years. Although other smartphones offer some of these features, we would not be wrong to say that Apple is mostly preferred at this point because it offers these features in the most efficient way according to the technology of the time.

We can give the camera performance as an example of one of these features. Although we see android devices with very high resolution cameras, we have not seen anyone who can pour water into Apple's hands at this point. Behind this lies the fact that the devices are not just cameras, but offer this performance as a whole. Apple, which has gained acclaim in this field with the latest iPhone 12 family, will apparently continue the same success in the iPhone 13 series.


Iphone 13 will be able to Shoot Videos in Portrait Mode!

According to the information received by Mark Gurman, one of the trusted names in the industry, the new generation iPhone will have the opportunity to shoot videos in portrait mode. In addition, a filter-like system called ProRes for now will offer better quality video capture while improving images.


The system in question will not only consist of a filter. Instead, the system will work with artificial intelligence support to make image improvements and corrections. This is thought to be very similar to the ProRaw feature found on higher iPhone 12 models. In this context, we can say that ProRes will be found on higher iPhone 13 models.

With all these improvements, Apple is said to offer the most advanced camera experience ever with the iPhone 13 models. Apart from the camera, Gurman also said that the new generation iPhone will use the A15 Bionic processor, have a smaller notch and offer a 120 Hz screen refresh rate. All of these details will become clear with the launch, which is expected to be held in September.

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