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Key Feature Coming with Firefox 91: Enhanced Cookie Cleaning!

Key Feature Coming with Firefox 91: Enhanced Cookie Cleaning!

Although it has lost its popularity a little now, Firefox, which is still preferred by millions, has been updated to version 91 and one of its features attracts our attention.


Cookies, which are indispensable for the internet experience, are brought to the agenda again with security discussions from time to time. Especially the fact that social media platforms process our data to provide personalized experiences has made cookies a big player in the modern age. The advanced cookie cleaning that came with Firefox 91 started to offer a new privacy solution.

How Does the New Cookie Feature in Firefox 91 Work?

To understand the benefit of the new feature, let's first remember what cookies are. Cookies are files that websites keep data about you. Cookies can be useful sometimes, for example, with the "Remember me" option you choose when logging in, your login information is stored in cookies. This way you save a load by not logging in every time. Or that the site you visit every day is constantly opened in the dark mode because you chose it, is also a trick of cookies.firefox-91-cookies-a.jpg

However, cookies can also collect some unpleasant data about you. For example, the searches you make, the pages you visit can be shared with advertising companies, and they compete with advertising companies to constantly show you optimized ads.

With the new feature added to Firefox's privacy settings, websites can only see the ones they need instead of seeing all the site cookies stored on your computer. Normally, Google can see your cookies on Facebook, but with Firefox 91 this is not possible. Thus, your data is stored more securely.


In addition, an interface where you can easily delete the cookies on the site you want is also available in the Firefox 91 update. You can see the size of the cookies on the disk, the site they belong to, and the last access date with the added menu.

To be able to use these features, you must make sure your Firefox is up to date with the latest version. Let's add that the changes are for the desktop version.

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