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  3. M1X MacBook Pro Models Available By November!
M1X MacBook Pro Models Available By November!

M1X MacBook Pro Models Available By November!

A new report has been published by reliable sources about the release date of the M1X MacBook Pro models. MacBook Pro models with M1X processors have been coming daily with leak news for a while.


In the shared reports, it was said that Apple, which is said to be working on two different models, 14-inch and 16-inch, could launch these models towards the end of 2021. While all these claims are on the agenda, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has published an important report about the M1X MacBook Pro series today.

Gurman, who shared some information about when MacBook Pros with M1X processors will be released in the published report, stated that Apple will organize more than one event this fall, apart from the iPhone 13 event. Emphasizing that the technology giant from Cupertino will introduce the iPhone 13 series in September, the source said that it may hold a different event for the MacBook Pro M1X models in late October or early November.


For now, there is no clear date for the event that Apple will hold. However, November is more prominent in the reports provided by sources close to the technology giant. In addition, Gurman shared some important information about the M1X processor with his followers.

Pointing out that the M1X will support a 16- or 36-core GPU in this direction, Gurman also said that this processor will perform much better than the M1 that supports a 10-core CPU.

Apart from this, the source stated that the new generation models will host serious innovations in design, and emphasized that these models will also come with mini LED display technology.

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