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Manual by Steve Jobs Demanded and Sold at Record Price!

Manual by Steve Jobs Demanded and Sold at Record Price!

An Apple 2 manual and leather jacket signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sold for record prices. Here is that Steve Jobs signed product...


Apple 2 manual signed by Steve Jobs and several items are up for auction. The 196-page manual belonged to Julian Brewer, son of British entrepreneur Michael Brewer. Michael Brewer negotiated exclusive distribution rights to Apple in 1979. Ultimately, the manual went up for auction at an auction.

The value of Steve Jobs signature is 787 thousand dollars!

The Apple 2 manual in question went on sale for $787,483. It bears the signature of Mike Markkula as well as Steve Jobs. It was sold this month after receiving 46 bids at the auction. At the same time, Jobs' famous leather jacket went on sale.


Steve Jobs didn't just sign the guide. Julian told Brewer, “Julian, your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world! Steven Jobs also left the note "1980".

Brewer recalls this event: “I was sitting in my bedroom writing games on the Apple 2 when my father called me to meet the guests. Surprisingly, the guests were Jobs and Mike Markkula. The guide was with me. Only later did I realize how rare it was for Jobs to sign anything, let alone write such a piece. He gets along well with my father, so I feel like it was written with care.”

RR Auctions, which sells the Apple 2 manual, has also auctioned other Steve Jobs memorabilia at high prices. Steve Jobs' letter "I'm afraid I'm not signing" sold for $479,939, and the NeXTSTEP software package sold for $210,325. The famous leather jacket that Jobs wore in 1983 sold for $66,466.

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