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  3. Messi Said To Get Paid In Cryptocurrency From PSG Team!
Messi Said To Get Paid In Cryptocurrency From PSG Team!

Messi Said To Get Paid In Cryptocurrency From PSG Team!

Reuters claimed that Lionel Messi, who transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, will receive part of his transfer fee through cryptocurrencies. Allegedly, Messi will receive a certain part of the transfer fee through Paris Saint-Germain fan tokens.


Recently, one of the biggest events in football history took place. Known as one of the best football players in the world, Lionel Messi officially ended his career at Spanish football club Barcelona. A few days after the event, which was on the agenda around the world, a new development took place and it was announced that Lionel Messi would be transferred to PSG. The transfer of the star football player, who signed a few days ago, was officially realized.

Today, Reuters brought up a very striking claim regarding the transfer of Messi. The institution, which does not explain who its source is, but that this name has information on the subject, made an announcement that will directly affect the crypto money world.


Reuters: Messi Will Receive Part of Transfer Fee with Fan Tokens!

Paris Saint Germain officially launched its Chilliz-based fan token some time ago. Fans of this team have been able to use these tokens for a while. Here, Lionel Messi will also receive a part of the transfer fee through these fan tokens. This situation may go down in history as a development that will enable the redistribution of cards in the football world.

 The fact that the allegations about Messi are true seems to push football clubs to use cryptocurrencies. Of course, this will be most beneficial to crypto investors.

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