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  3. Nas Academy Says Whang-Od Will 'Consent' to Tattoo Mastery Class!
Nas Academy Says Whang-Od Will 'Consent' to Tattoo Mastery Class!

Nas Academy Says Whang-Od Will 'Consent' to Tattoo Mastery Class!

Nas Academy said that Filipino tattoo artist Apo Whang-Od will allow the site to teach a tattoo course, which a relative of the artist has called "a hoax". Speaking to the digital learning platform founded by Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily, he said that the 104-year-old mambabatok had added his fingerprint to the Whang-Od Academy "signing his full consent" to the contract.


According to the company, it was approved after her niece Estella Palangdao translated the contents of the document.

"This is the clearest proof that this was not a hoax and that he and his relatives consented," she stated.

Nas Academy stated that everyone “likes” this idea and they will be partners in developing the project. Additionally, he stated that everyone will be compensated for their time.

In a Facebook post, Policies requested help "to pause this wrongdoing about the legacy of Apo Whang Od and the Burbot Tribe", stating that his grandmother had never signed a contract.


After the warning, Nas Daily came under fire while being accused of stealing Filipino culture with netizens. But his company denied these rumors, stating that he only wanted to "share his culture for future generations to appreciate".

“40% of Nas Academy is Filipino. That's why it's personal for us,” he said. “We care and love the Philippines so much. For thois reason, we respect the many cultures and traditions that exist in the country."

The online platform has canceled the lesson, which will begin on Wednesday, after the rumors. But he stated that this process was only for a while and was made of "respect and love" to Whang-Od's family and that he "solved the problems arising from these lies".

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples - Cordillera Administrative District (NCIP-CAR) has indicated it will initiate an "appropriate response" on the issue.

NCIP-CAR regional manager Marlon Bosantog said that while their culture welcomes initiatives to advertise well, attempts by indigenous people to make a profit without their consent will be "handled" with appropriate legislation.

We are grateful for the immediate response and suspicion from the indigenous people.” "It shows that the exploitation of our Indigenous Peoples will be a major issue that deserves moral outrage," he stated.

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