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  3. New Series PlayStation 5 Released: 300 Grams Lighter!
New Series PlayStation 5 Released: 300 Grams Lighter!

New Series PlayStation 5 Released: 300 Grams Lighter!

Sony has quietly released the new series PlayStation 5 devices. The device, which is only available in Australia for now, is 300 grams lighter. It is not known why the new series is lighter.


In the past days, information about the new serial PlayStation 5 version was leaked to the internet. Today, Sony launched the new PlayStation 5 model in Australia.

The first batch of PlayStation 5 models was released as the CFI-1000B. The new series is on sale in Australia as CFI-1100B. There is no price difference between the two series.

The most obvious difference between the new version is the weight of the device. The new version is 300 grams lighter than the first version. The full weight of the device is 3.3 kilograms. While there is no other difference in hardware, it is not yet known what the device is lighter than.

Another difference is the stand connection of the device. In the first PlayStation 5 versions, the stand was mounted with the help of a screwdriver. In the new model, it can be assembled manually without the need for any additional tools.


Sony has not made any official statements about the new version. In fact, no announcement has been made that the device will go on sale. More detailed information about the PlayStation 5 CFI-11XX model will be shared in the coming days.

What are the PlayStation 5 Technical Specifications?

• Processor: 8 cores on AMD Zen 2 architecture, clocked at 3.5 GHZ

• GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs 2.23 GHz

• GPU architecture: RDNA 2 custom developed by AMD

• Memory: 16 GB GDDR6 / 256 bit

• Internal storage: 825 GB SSD

• Expandable memory: NVMe SSD slot

• External storage: USB HDD support (for PS4 games)

• Optical drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray drive

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