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  3. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Convicted In Harassment Investigation!
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Convicted In Harassment Investigation!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Convicted In Harassment Investigation!

New York Attorney General Letitia James released her report on the harassment investigation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. James revealed that Cuomo harassed multiple women.


New York Governor Andrew Coumo was found guilty in an investigation into alleged sexual harassment of multiple women, the state's attorney general's office claimed. New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced that New York Governor Cuomo has been identified as harassing current and former government employees, as well as a number of women outside the state government.

James said in a statement that his investigation found Cuomo made "unintended and non-consensual touching" and made comments of a "obscene" sexual nature. James said the behavior created a "hostile work environment for women."



According to the Attorney General's report, Cuomo's behavior was not limited to his own staff, but extended to other government employees and civilian citizens, including a state police officer.

The report concluded that Governor Cuomo's culture of fear and intimidation, while normalizing his frequent flirting and gendered comments, contributed to the conditions that allowed sexual harassment to occur and continue.


The report on Governor Cumo, prepared by two independent investigators, details the allegations of harassment by 11 women. Attorney General Clark added that investigators found all 11 women credible. According to Clark, one of the claimants, Charlotte Bennett, told people in real-time about her interactions with the governor and texted people. Clark said another state trooper witnessed one of the poignant incidents claimed by police and confirmed it to investigators. “I believe in these 11 women,” James said.

Attorney General James said investigators spoke to 179 people and examined 74,000 pieces of evidence. "This evidence is extremely disturbing but paints a clear picture," he said.

Investigators described Cuomo's behavior as "illegal". However, a footnote in the report stated that no conclusion was reached on “whether the conduct is or should be the subject of criminal prosecution”.

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