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Rainbow Six Siege's New Operator Revealed!

Rainbow Six Siege's New Operator Revealed!

Ubisoft has announced its new operator to be added to Rainbow Six Siege, which still has a big place in the FPS world. Operator Osa will come to the game with an expandable shield similar to Monty's.


Ubisoft, which recently announced its sixth-year, third-season operation called Crystal Guard, announced new offensive operator Osa, who has joined Team Rainbow.

The full name of the new offensive operator is Anja “Osa” Jankovic. She is of Croatian descent and with this operator comes a new shield. Ubisoft has released a teaser showing the new operator and the shield that will come to the game.


Osa is an Expert Operator in Various Fields!

According to Ubisoft's statement, the new operator is an expert in electromechanics, military engineering and robotics and was taken to Nigthaven as soon as he graduated from university. This explanation; It shows how Osa, the fifth Nighthaven operator to join Team Rainbow after Kali, Wamai, Ace and Aruni, will take on a role in Team Rainbow.

Osa's tool is a shield that can be used similar to the shield on defensive operators. However, this completely transparent and bulletproof shield opens to the sides when used, providing a wider area of ​​protection like Monty's shield.

Another interesting aspect of Osa's shield is that bulletproof glass is placed in a kind of window. This opens up the possibility that the shield could be placed on doors and windows.

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