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  3. Reddit Opens TikTok-like Short Video Section on iOS Devices!
Reddit Opens TikTok-like Short Video Section on iOS Devices!

Reddit Opens TikTok-like Short Video Section on iOS Devices!

Social media platform Reddit, which works with the concept of a forum, has included a short video section similar to TikTok, as many platforms do. The feature, which is currently only available on iOS devices, shows users the videos already available on Reddit. However, later on, we may also see a TikTok-like video capture feature like in Reels.


The concept of the short and repetitive video was adopted by Vine to large audiences years ago, and later developed and taken over by TikTok. After TikTok made this concept popular again, some social media platforms followed this trend, and features such as 'Reels' and 'Shorts' appeared. The last name to join this trend with a new update was Reddit.

Reddit, which functions as a discussion platform where users can communicate by sharing pictures and videos, has opened the short video section that adds TikTok air to the platform. The video button, which is seen right next to the search button, has only been brought to iOS yet.

Videos Available on Reddit App's Platform Are Showing!

After YouTube Shorts and Instagram's Reels, saying "I was missing one", Reddit took the first step to create an active short video section on its platform. An update to the platform, which originally worked with the concept of a forum, added a video button next to the search button. The working principle of the section, which is opened by pressing the button, is the same as similar initiatives of other social media platforms: As soon as you enter the section, a video appears in front of you. You can scroll through the videos by swiping up and down. The videos you like probably affect the videos that you will see later in this section.


The feature, which is slowly coming to devices today, is limited to iOS devices for now. We are already used to this situation from most of the applications. How the algorithm works are currently unknown. TikTok is a platform known for its unique algorithm. However, since Reddit is essentially a forum site, it may show videos based on replied posts. In addition, the videos shown are not produced according to this feature as on other platforms. When you open this section, all of the videos that you see are already placed under the posts. However, in the future, we may see a short video shooting feature on Reddit, perhaps with the feature coming to Android.

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