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  3. Rocket Lab Makes History of Artemis Pioneer Moon Voyage!
Rocket Lab Makes History of Artemis Pioneer Moon Voyage!

Rocket Lab Makes History of Artemis Pioneer Moon Voyage!

Private space transportation company Rocket Lab has shared some details for the CAPSTONE mission, which will lead NASA's Artemis mission.


Aerospace transportation company Rocket Lab has announced that it will begin its first Moon mission, CAPSTONE, in late 2021. The company had previously selected the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, United States, for launch. The launch location of the mission scheduled to launch from Launch Complex 2 at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Space Port (MARS) has changed.

Rocket Lab Moves Launch to New Zealand!

The Autonomous Flight Termination System (AFTS), which was initially announced to be launched from the USA, was transferred to New Zealand as NASA experienced delays in the certification period.

Rocket Lab has started providing details for the first Moon launch. The private spaceflight firm has announced that the CAPSTONE mission will depart from its original launch complex in New Zealand in late 2021. The company was founded in New Zealand by Peter Beck in 2006. In 2013, it moved its headquarters to California, USA.


The space company had originally planned to launch CAPSTONE at NASA's Wallops facility in Virginia in early 2021. The CAPSTONE cube satellite will serve as a precursor to NASA's Artemis program. The mission will demonstrate propulsion needs for an elliptical lunar orbit, test spacecraft-to-spacecraft navigation systems, and unlock the potential for special support in future missions.

If successful, it is clear that NASA's future Gateway spacecraft will help safely approach and orbit the Moon. The launch also represents a technical breakthrough for Rocket Lab. While the electron rocket will take on a familiar role in taking the mission to space, it will mark the company's first use of the Photon platform to place satellites in a lunar orbit.

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