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  3. Samsung Introduced Groundbreaking Technology on the OLED Display!
Samsung Introduced Groundbreaking Technology on the OLED Display!

Samsung Introduced Groundbreaking Technology on the OLED Display!

Samsung has unveiled the new Eco² OLED display technology that will significantly reduce power consumption. Samsung introduced Eco² OLED technology, which will strengthen its hand in the foldable smartphone market.


 The new OLED, developed by Samsung Display, the subsidiary of the South Korean company, significantly reduces power consumption compared to previous generations. It also includes serious improvements in the Under-Panel Camera (UPC) system, which allows the camera to be placed under the screen.

Eco² OLED, which is thought to provide an effective solution to smartphones that have problems with power consumption, especially due to 5G technology, is also a part of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which was introduced last week. So, what kind of benefits does the new technology provide when we compare it with classic OLED panels?

Eco² OLED used with Galaxy Z Fold 3 Ends Polarizer Age!

The traditional OLED screen used by Samsung in its previous phones consists of three main layers: The main OLED panel is at the bottom, while the complementary layer called UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) is located at the top. In the middle, there is a polarizer to prevent potential light reflections. However, the polarizer inevitably blocks most of the light coming from the screen and reduces the luminous efficiency by more than half.


Eco² OLED completely eliminated the layer in the middle of the screen, bypassing the polarizer logic. This was replaced by the laminate structure developed by Samsung Display engineers, which can more effectively prevent light reflections on the screen.

Eco² OLED Saves 25% More Power!

According to Samsung, Eco² OLED technology increases light transmission by 33 percent and reduces power consumption by 25 percent. Moreover, the only advantage is not limited to this. The Under-Panel Camera (UPC) system, which we saw for the first time with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, allows the camera placed under the screen to receive better light thanks to the new OLED. This returns to the user in terms of performance.

In a statement about the advantages of Eco² OLED, Samsung said:

“The Eco² OLED panel not only optimizes pixel density, but also exposes more light to the UPC, with the added benefit of eliminating the polarizer. Thus, it increases the permeability in the camera module. Also, with minimal pixels applied above the camera hole, Eco² OLED offers a true full-screen design and increases the viewable area.”

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