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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has launched a global tourism research hub to explore the industry’s shift toward climate sustainability, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Kingdom’s Sustainable Tourism Global Center, together with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, partnered with 100 institutions from around the world to launch the research hub.

Countries including the US, China, France, Spain and the Netherlands will be involved in the research, in what is viewed as a key step toward worldwide tourism sustainability.

Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Saudi Arabia’s tourism minister, hailed the launch of the hub.

“Our objective is clear. With the support of the Sustainable Tourism Global Center and the Ministry of Tourism, we aim for the (new) center to be an indispensable hub of solutions and tools, benefiting every stakeholder,” he said.

Gloria Guevara, the ministry’s special adviser, highlighted the importance of trustworthy tourism data in empowering sustainability projects.

The research hub can serve as a “beacon of modern, trustworthy information” targeted to the particular needs of small and medium-sized businesses, tourists and local communities, she added.

As part of its launch, the research hub showcased a variety of sustainable solutions for the industry, including solar thermal water heaters and sustainable food options.

The STGC, launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2021, aims to reduce the tourism sector’s estimated 8 percent contribution to total global greenhouse gas emissions.

It also focuses on renewable energy alternatives and developing innovative methods to curtail food and water waste.

Source: Arab News

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