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  3. Shocking Bitcoin Message From Tesla CEO Elon Musk: We Can Accept It!
Shocking Bitcoin Message From Tesla CEO Elon Musk: We Can Accept It!

Shocking Bitcoin Message From Tesla CEO Elon Musk: We Can Accept It!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made statements about Bitcoin and its mining at a recent event. At the meeting with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Musk said that if Bitcoin (BTC) uses more than 50% renewable energy, Tesla will again accept payments in BTC. Details are as follows…


50% renewable energy expected for Bitcoin

According to a new statement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Bitcoin may have surpassed 50% in renewable energy consumption. Behind these statements, Musk believes that a greener future befits cryptocurrencies. This, in turn, could push cryptocurrencies even higher, according to the successful tech giant. However, despite these statements, Tesla insists on not accepting payments with Bitcoin yet. The explanations are as follows…

At an online Bitcoin event, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk came together. Apart from the duo, “The Bitcoin Word” event was held with Cathie Wood from Ark Invests and Square Crypto Steve Lee, who was the moderator of the event. In his statements, Musk said that Tesla could accept Bitcoin again as a means of payment, while adding that some critical considerations should be carried out carefully before deciding on this.

Elon Musk Dreams of a Green Cryptocurrency Future!

Musk noted that Bitcoin's energy consumption is moving towards renewable energy sources. However, whether miners keep up with this trend remains a controversial issue. According to Tesla CEO, it is not possible to complete the transition to renewable sources in such a short time, and it does not seem easy to increase this speed. Musk also cites that Bitcoin is shifting more towards renewable sources, and as a result, it has shut down most of the heavy-duty coal plants in China and elsewhere. But despite this, he insists on evaluating this trend to determine whether consumption is 50% or more. If it confirms this is true, Tesla may start accepting Bitcoin payments again.


Meanwhile, due to the fossil fuel consumption of Bitcoin in the past months, Tesla stopped accepting payments in Bitcoin. After Musk's announcement, the BTC price fell below $ 40,000 in a short time. Shortly after that, Musk announced that Tesla would accept BTC again, and called for miners for over 50% renewable energy.

As it was back then, many accused Musk of staging a "pump and dump" due to his controversial tweets about BTC and DOGE. During the online event, Tesla announced that the three crypto assets they hold are BTC, ETH and DOGE. It was reported that the company's other investments include Tesla Stocks and SpaceX shares. In addition, it was emphasized that when Bitcoin fell, Tesla also lost money and did not sell the BTCs he had. Tesla stated that he recently sold some of his Bitcoin to prove that the crypto is highly liquid.

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