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The Best TLC Programs of 2021 by IMDb Ratings!

The Best TLC Programs of 2021 by IMDb Ratings!

For those who do not know what to watch on the TLC channel, which has become popular in our country in a short time with reality shows such as My Dream Home and Heavy Lives, we have listed the best TLC programs you can watch in 2021 according to IMDb scores.


TLC, the first free-to-air channel of Discovery Communications operating in our country since 2015, manages to attract the attention of many people with its interesting TV shows and programs. From long-running reality shows to content just starting, the TLC library has something for just about everyone.

In particular, content such as My Dream House, Heavy Lives, and 90 Days to Marriage are among TLC's most popular productions in Turkey. In this context, for those who can't decide what to watch on TLC, we will list the best TLC programs you can watch in 2021 according to IMDb scores.

Best TLC Programs That Connect to Screen:

• My Gorgeous Chubby Life

• Heavy Brothers

• 90 Days to Marriage

• Heavy Lives

• Doctor My Boil

• 7 Little Johnstons

• Large family

• My Dream House

My Gorgeous Chubby Life


IMDb score: 3.7

TLC original content My Fabulous Chubby Life, which was first published in 2015, focuses on the life of Whitney Thore, who is living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which causes weight gain. In the program, we join the colorful world of Thore, who is 30 years old, single, and weighs 172 kg.

Heavy Brothers


• IMDb rating: 5.5

The TLC production Heavy Brothers, which started airing in 2020, reveals the lives of sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton, whose total weight exceeds 450 kilograms, with all their reality. While the duo struggles with the difficulties they face with their unique humor, we are also the guests of the sisters on their journey to change their unhealthy habits.

90 Days to Marriage


IMDb rating: 6.4

90 Days to Marriage, which was screened for the first time in 2014, is about the stories of couples who met and got married in a short time. The new season of the program, which attracted great attention in Turkey with the couple Mürsel and Anna, is among the most popular shows of TLC.

Heavy Lives


• IMDb rating: 6.6

Another one of TLC's popular productions, Heavy Lives, is Dr. Nowzaradan tells about the weight loss journey of people over 270 kg. In each episode, he witnesses the emotional and physical struggle of the participants, and Dr. We are facing the hard exits of Now.

Doctor My Boil


• IMDb rating: 6.7

In Doctor Çıbanım, one of TLC's popular programs, YouTube and Instagram phenomenon Dr. We meet Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee) and her patients. In the production where a different skin disease is treated in each episode, it contains images that can be quite disturbing for sensitive people.

7 Little Johnston


• IMDb rating: 6.8

The TV show 7 Little Johnstons, which premiered on TLC in 2015, revolves around the life of the Johnstons, a family of 7 living with dwarfism. The Johnstons, who have two biological children, rose to fame in the US by adopting midget children from Russia, South Korea, and China after learning that the next pregnancy would be risky for the mother. The program brings to the screen the adventures of the family, nicknamed the "True 7 Dwarfs" by father Trent.

Large family


• IMDb score: 6.9

The TLC program Crowded Family, starring Adam and Danielle Busby, the parents of the only American quintuplets on record, tells the story of a giant family of 8 people. The family, which has an older daughter in addition to the quintuplets, first appeared on the screen in 2016.

My Dream Home


• IMDb score: 8.2

Real estate and renovation experts Chip and Joanna Gaines in TLC original production My Dream Home; The location is good, they buy mediocre houses and work miracles. The program is among TLC's most popular building/decoration productions.

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