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  3. The Hottest Research on Facebook: It Makes People Depressed!
The Hottest Research on Facebook: It Makes People Depressed!

The Hottest Research on Facebook: It Makes People Depressed!

A study conducted in Singapore revealed that Facebook can cause depression. According to the research, the feeling of jealousy triggered when using Facebook leads people to make comparisons. This turns into depression after a while.


Social media, which has become an integral part of our lives with the widespread use of smartphones and internet, causes us to spend a significant part of our day on such platforms. Of course, one of the first platforms that comes to mind when social media is mentioned is Facebook. A research on Facebook, which is both a very old and very popular platform, reveals that this platform can be harmful to our health.

 A group of scientists working at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore tried to understand whether there could be a link between Facebook and depression. The experts, who carried out a large-scale research with the participation of a large number of people, reached a very striking conclusion. According to research, Facebook can cause people to become depressed.


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 People who spend a long time on Facebook are more prone to depression

 According to a study by scientists, people who spend hours on Facebook are more prone to depression. The reason for this is that Facebook has a structure that can trigger the feeling of jealousy. Speaking on the subject, Prof. Edson C. Tandoc Jr. States that while browsing Facebook, comparisons are made to people who are better off than him, and this happens instinctively. And this comparison leads to depression after a while.

 According to the research, criteria such as age, gender or educational status do not matter when it comes to depression due to Facebook. So anyone can get depressed while using Facebook. In addition, depression based on Facebook use attracts people to social media more. That person is starting to spend more time on both Facebook and other platforms. This puts people in a cycle of depression. Of course, the way out of this situation is to get expert support.



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