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  3. The New Trailer of Lucifer Season 6 Has Been Released! Is Lucifer Final?
The New Trailer of Lucifer Season 6 Has Been Released! Is Lucifer Final?

The New Trailer of Lucifer Season 6 Has Been Released! Is Lucifer Final?

The final sixth season of Lucifer begins in the fall. The first long trailer now puts us in the mood for the end of the series. You can find all the information about the 6th season here.


Actually, "Lucifer" should end after the fifth season. It continues now, but after season 6 it's finally over. After the 5th season, which was postponed due to Corona, this time is progressing quite fast: The last ten episodes can be seen on the air as early as September. The first real trailer gets you in the mood for the grand series finale:

Seasons 5 and 6 will continue sooner than expected, as they've been filmed back-to-back. The second half of season 5 only started in May 2021, and season 6 will continue in the fall. As part of Comic-Con (via Entertainment Weekly), the Netflix launch was announced on September 10, so new episodes will be available to watch on Amazon Prime video starting September 11, 2021, in this country.


Lucifer Season 6 Casting

We now know that most of the main cast about Tom Ellis will be returning. There was a loss to be overcome in season 5: Detective Daniel Espinoza died on the job, so it's unlikely that he'll be reunited with Kevin Alejandro. However, it already appears in the trailer, but it's unclear at this time if there are any flashbacks or if Lucifer will be able to bring him back to life. Regardless of this, the following actors returned for the final episodes of "Lucifer":

• Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morning Star

• Lauren as German Detective Chloe Decker

• DB Woodside as Lucifer's brother Amenadiel

• Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez

• Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Lucifer's confidant

• Rachael Harris Dr. Linda Martin


We don't want to guess too much about the plot of season six, but the trailer already shows that Lucifer will need some time to get used to his new duties, rights, duties, and related responsibility as God. Likewise, there are new signs of hostility towards Lucifer's throne. Also, the "Black Lives Matter" movement will take part in the 6th season.

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