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  3. Tokyo 2020: Pentathlon Coach Decided to Exclude from the Olympics for Punching a Horse!
Tokyo 2020: Pentathlon Coach Decided to Exclude from the Olympics for Punching a Horse!

Tokyo 2020: Pentathlon Coach Decided to Exclude from the Olympics for Punching a Horse!

The modern pentathlon Olympic drama around Annika Schleu has had its first results. National coach Kim Raisner was excluded from the rest of the Olympic Games.


Raisner had come under harsh criticism for demanding loudly to silence the horse with blows. In addition, the coach hit the horse with his fist drawn from Schley, who refused to attend the course, the modern pentathlon umbrella organization (UIPM) justified the decision. "Your conduct was seen as a violation of UIPM competition rules," the association said in a statement on Saturday.

"Hit it right": strong criticism of pentathlon national coach Raisner

Earlier, DOSB President Alfons Hörmann announced at a press conference that Raisner had no function "neither on the court nor in the warm-up area" in the men's event on Saturday. The decision was made amicably after meeting with Schley, Raisner, and Susanne Wiedemann, sporting directors of the German Modern Pentathlon Association (DVMF). This is the "best solution" to avoid "more question marks" about the instructor.

“Shoot it right! Shoot!” Raisner clearly audible on television yelled at Schleu when Saint Boy refused the hire horses several times. The visibly overwhelmed athlete then whipped the desperate and frightened horse. Then, heavy criticism came to the athlete and national trainer Raisner.

By Friday's jump show, Schley was close enough to win the gold medal. Due to unsuccessful driving, Berliner fell to the hopeless 31st place.

Schöneborn: "I can't understand sentences"

Beijing Olympics champion Lena Schöneborn was angered by the national coach's comments. "I can't understand the sentences," she said of the "picture." The 2008 gold medal-winning pentathlete said the emotional tension was enormous, but that was no excuse.

The association "Athletes Germany" supported Schley. "The hostility and partially open hatred it has faced on social networks since yesterday's equestrian competition is unacceptable and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms," ​​the organization said on Saturday.

DVMF demands adaptation of driving regulations

DVMF requested that driving regulations be adjusted. "Relevant changes have been worked out and proposed to the world association (UIPM)," the association said. Schöneborn also sees possible set screws in the regulations. "One possibility would be to draw the horses to the pentathletes the day before," said the 35-year-old player at the ARD.

This step will change a lot. "We haven't been in this situation before, we haven't been shown so harshly that it's a mistake in the regulations." Current competition regulations allow athletes to identify the drawn horse only 20 minutes before the race.

Klaus Schormann, president of the German world association of the modern pentathlon, defended himself against criticism that the horses were not optimally prepared. "The horses are brilliant," said the 75-year-old athlete. Horses were tested. "Athletes have no reason to complain," Schormann said that it was only up to them that they were not successful in some parts of the competition.


DVMF now wants to take the time to come to terms with what happened. However, the umbrella association strongly opposes any personal insult or insult to an athlete. The message stated that the association wanted to have "a constructive and objective discussion around the modern pentathlon".

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