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Two Suspects Confessed to Attacking Police!

Two Suspects Confessed to Attacking Police!

Seven months after the Capitol was raided, the first defendants confessed to assaulting police officers. Your sentence may affect subsequent convictions.


In the trial of those involved in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, the first defendants were found guilty of assaulting police officers. Scott Fairlamb, owner of the New Jersey gym, admitted in court that he abused and obstructed police officers. 28-year-old Devlyn Thompson pleaded guilty. Both defendants face several years in prison.

Fairlamb, a former martial artist, was one of the first to enter the Capitol building after other rebels smashed windows and kicked a door. While leaving the building, a clash broke out with the police. In one video you can see him armed with a truncheon and shouting the words: “What are the patriots doing? We will disarm them and attack the bloody Capitol! ”. He has been in custody since January 22. The 44-year-old suspect is charged with a total of 12 offenses, including civil unrest, assaulting a police officer and inflicting physical violence when entering restricted areas.


Thompson, 28, was part of a group that threw objects and stole their shields at police officers on January 6. The mamin from Washington State also threatened officers with a metal stick.

Fairlamb's sentence will be announced on September 27 and could serve as a guide to further convictions. According to his lawyer, prosecutors are recommending a prison sentence of three and a half to four and a half years.

Just two weeks ago, a group of police officers involved in the operation testified in court about clashes with the gang who broke in. Five of the police officers who participated in the operation lost their lives, and four committed suicide. According to the Ministry of Justice, rioters attacked about 140 police officers that day.

Trump supporters stormed the seat of the USA Congress in Washington on January 6. The incumbent president at the time was facing impeachment for assault as he had previously provoked his supporters in a speech. At the end of the trial, Senate Republicans prevented their president from being convicted.

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