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  3. US Virologist Fauci Warns of New Variants Even More Dangerous From Delta!
US Virologist Fauci Warns of New Variants Even More Dangerous From Delta!

US Virologist Fauci Warns of New Variants Even More Dangerous From Delta!

US health expert Anthony Fauci warns that a new, even more, a dangerous variant of the coronavirus will be developed if the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant is not contained.


Fauci told NBC: "If you let the virus circulate freely and you don't try to stop it, sooner or later there is another variant that will become even more problematic… the delta." If the virus could spread and change further, unlike Delta, there would be a risk that eventually a variant would emerge that current vaccines would not protect against.

Local Vaccination Requirements!

The leading immunologist and presidential adviser have warned that the pandemic must be contained. The best way to do this is to get vaccinated. Local-level vaccination requirements will help.


Francis Collins, director of the US research agency National Institutes of Health, warned that vaccine requirements could make a difference. He told ABC on Sunday that the country had paid a "terrible price" for the fact that so many people weren't vaccinated. The issues of making vaccines mandatory on a larger scale are the subject of heated political debate in the United States.

Significant Increase in Coronavirus Cases in the USA!

Due to the spread of the delta variant, the number of new corona infections in the US has risen sharply again – to about 100,000 cases on a seven-day average. The situation is particularly tense in countries with low vaccination rates. In the second half of June, the seven-day average was about 11,000 new cases per day. The United States last reported an average of 100,000 new infections each day in February.

A good half of the entire population is now fully vaccinated, according to the U.S. health authority CDC. Almost 59 percent of all citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, after a fast pace, the vaccination campaign is slow due to widespread public skepticism. US President Joe Biden and senior government officials are increasingly desperate for the population to be vaccinated.

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