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  3. Xiaomi Made a Robot Dog! Xiaomi CyberDog to Set the Agenda!
Xiaomi Made a Robot Dog! Xiaomi CyberDog to Set the Agenda!

Xiaomi Made a Robot Dog! Xiaomi CyberDog to Set the Agenda!

Introducing the Mi MIX 4 and Mi Pad 5 series at an event held today, Xiaomi detonated the bomb. The company introduced its robot dog CyberDog. Introducing its new products at an event held today, Xiaomi almost bombarded new products.


The company, which first revived the Mi MIX series after a long break, returned to the tablet market with the Mi Pad 5 series. In addition, new televisions and accessories met with the users at this launch. But the bomb of the day was not one of them.

Xiaomi's real surprise came towards the end of the event. The company, which always comes up with innovative products, announced its robot dog, similar to Boston Dynamics' Spot. Here comes the Xiaomi CyberDog!

Xiaomi Rivals Boston Dynamics with CyberDog!

The Chinese technology giant announced its new robot dog CyberDog at the event held today. The robot, which looks quite impressive and draws attention with its features, takes its power from NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, which is called the world's smallest AI supercomputer. Supported by touch and ultrasonic sensors, this computer allows the robot to interact with the environment with the help of cameras. The total number of sensors is 11.


The sensors in question scan the environment, human faces and even their postures and distinguish them from each other. Xiaomi claims its technology is good enough to enable CyberDog to track its owner and get around obstacles. CyberDog, which will be released as open source, will become more capable over time thanks to the projects of the developers.

CyberDog, a product of Xiaomi's engineering knowledge, attracted attention especially with its proprietary servo motors. However, the product will not be released yet. Instead, the company will now offer 1,000 of these to “Xiaomi fans, engineers, and robotics enthusiasts. But still, owning a robot dog is not cheap. People who want to buy will have to pay 9,999 Yuan (approximately $1,540).

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