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  3. Zoom Offers to Pay $86M in 'Violation of Privacy Litigation Process!
Zoom Offers to Pay $86M in 'Violation of Privacy Litigation Process!

Zoom Offers to Pay $86M in 'Violation of Privacy Litigation Process!

Videoconferencing server Zoom has agreed to pay $86 million in a lawsuit filed in the United States for violating the privacy of millions of users and sharing their data with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.


In March 2020, the lawsuit was filed in court in San Jose, California. Among the plaintiffs, some use Zoom Meetings by paying, and some members use it without paying.

Arguing that he did nothing wrong, the company management announced that it would increase its measures in the field of security while going to the agreement. The company's deal proposal is awaiting the judge's approval. The agreement also includes special training for Zoom employees on data and personal rights, member privacy.


A-Zoom spokesperson said, “It is among our priorities to protect the data security and privacy of our users. Our users must trust us. “We are very pleased with the progress we have made on our platform so far and will be pleased to continue moving forward with a focus on security.”

Zoom also announced that it shared blog posts summarizing the steps it has taken for privacy and security on its site.

The company, which earned $1.3 billion from paid memberships in a short time, will pay according to the membership type if the judge approves the terms of the agreement. Some of them will get back 15 percent of the amount they paid for the membership, those who pay more than them will be paid 25 dollars. Some will also receive $15.

The lawyers of the plaintiffs will demand $21.3 million from the company for court costs.

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