3 Reasons Shoppers Love H-E-B Supermarkets


If you spend any time around Texans, or happen to run across them discussing their favorite places in Texas online, you’re gonna find a few very common threads. Texans, as a whole, love Buckee’s, Whataburger, and H-E-B supermarkets.

It took living in Texas, among these superfans, to truly understand what the deal was with H-E-B. I mean, it’s just a market, right? Who cares? Get in, grab the milk, the bread, the random pack of gum, get out.

That’s really not what the H-E-B experience is, though. Here are three reasons shoppers love H-E-B supermarkets.

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1. H-E-B is a wonderland of flavors, smells, and textures

Perhaps the most important reason shoppers love H-E-B is because of the wild amount of variety it brings to the grocery game. Most of its locations not only have a huge array of fruits, vegetables, and cuts of meat, they also have bakeries full of actual bakers.

I could write a whole essay on the bakery itself, but I won’t. But the Burleson, Texas, H-E-B has some of the most beautiful grocery store cakes I have ever seen in my life, lots of seasonal treats, and enough fresh tortillas to put any neighborhood tortillaria to shame.

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If you’re more of a meat and potatoes type, the extensive butcher’s cases and vacuum-packed meats are going to give you plenty to think about, with seasonal offerings and pricing often available. Need crawfish for your next boil? Order ahead, because those seasonal crustaceans don’t last, but they’re going to be the most fresh you’ve ever seen in the heart of Texas.

2. You can buy almost anything at H-E-B

When I say anything, I actually mean anything. Not all H-E-B markets have as extensive of offerings as others, but there are few places you can walk in, knock your grocery list out, buy some really good cookware, pick up some lightweight casual wear, a new pair of shoes, deodorant, and a dinner setting for four. And the store does it all at an alarming discount, which is great if you’re focused on your personal finances.

Although I am a native of the Missouri Ozarks, and grew up in Walmart Country, I shunned the Walmart in Texas because I had no reason to be there with H-E-B just down the road. If H-E-B didn’t carry it, I probably didn’t need it (or I popped across the street to Target, but that’s a different article for a different day).

Pay special attention around the holidays for H-E-B branded everything in some really wild varieties. I still sometimes think about the H-E-B branded dish soap I bought one winter that smelled exactly like hot chocolate. You can get everything at H-E-B, and everything at H-E-B is budget-friendly.

3. H-E-B gives back to Texas

Consumerism is great and all, but H-E-B is a Texas institution because of a lot more than just food (although the food doesn’t hurt). The H-E-B corporation is really active in philanthropy and disaster recovery in Texas. It’s often one of the first on the scene when major disaster strikes, providing food, clothing, and other necessities to displaced victims of unforeseen circumstances.

Through the H-E-B Community Investment Program, H-E-B has helped organizations strengthen communities in need. It promotes important aspects of life, including environmental sustainability, health and wellness, hunger relief, education and literacy, diversity and inclusion, and other social services that provide a net good for the communities that host H-E-B properties.

If you know Texas, you know H-E-B

My time in Texas was brief — just a few short years — but I will never forget H-E-B supermarkets or what they did for communities across the state. Not only was the shopping experience absolutely next level, just knowing that if something went very badly, the company would actually be there to support your town was kind of amazing.

I mean, sure, in times of trouble, you’ve got places like the Red Cross, but can they smoke a brisket?

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